OFI-300H High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor


OFI-300H  high  pressure  breathing  air  compressors type  are  manufactured  by  SEACOMAIR (Germany) and designed for Scuba, Fire Stations, Police,  Military,  Rescue  and  Commercial  units and  driven  by  HONDA  Gasoline  engine, meanwhile other type optional driven by Electric.  The  SCBA  compressors  are  built  and  tested  in German  and  have  complies  with  all  international standard.  The  high  quality  of  the SCBA  compressors  is  the result  of  continuing  tests during  manufacturing  and  on  the finished  products.  All  of  our  products are  designed  for  reliable  performance,  easy maintenance and maximum energy efficiency.


  • Capacity 100 L/min. / 3.5 cfm / 6 m3/h
  • Mounted on a durable powder coated steel frame with carry handles
  • Oil/water separating chambers (manual drains)
  • Breathing air purification system with activated carbon
  • Disposable purification cartridge is easy to replace
  • Pressure maintaining valve
  • Final pressure relief valve
  • Intake filter
  • Oil filled pressure gauge 0~400bar/5800psi
  • 0,5 liter / 12 oz. synthetic compressor oil
  • One Filling hose with fitting DIN-300 red colour complete with ON/OFF filling valve and Bleed (depresurrized system) valve


  • Construction: Air cooled, four stage, four cylinder, high pressure compressor, all stainless steel interstage, final stage coolers
  • Max Pressure: 225bar/3200psi or 330bar/4800psi
  • Approx.Output: 100 l/min. / 3.5 cfm charging rate
  • Lubrication: Splash lubrication with oil thrower pin
  • Oil Capacity: 0,3 Liter / 12 oz
  • Drive Motors: 5,5HP Honda Gasoline
  • Refill Time: 10 Liter (70cu.ft.) cylinder in app. 20 min. from 0-3000 psi/200 bar
  • Dimensions: L 30” (76) x D 14” (35) x H 15” (38cm)
  • Weight: 85 lbs (38 kg)