CET Tyranno 20hp-MR

Tyranno 20 HPTekanan dan Volume Pompa

Kapasitas volume dan besarnya tekanan yang dimiliki oleh Pompa Kebakaran ini sangat cocok untuk aplikasi Drop In Unit. Mesin dan pompa ini terpasang pada rangka bahan yang didesain dengan pegangan berbentuk lipatan.

Spesifikasi Mesin :

  • Kohler 20hp at 3600 rpm, mesin berpendingin udara
  • Mesin bensin silinder tunggal
  • Starter elektrik dengan starter rekoil sebagai back up
  • Tangki bensin terintegrasi 6 gallon (22 L) tangki bensin bisa dilepas

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Portable Fire Pump 46hp

DenBagh Pump 46hp
DenBagh Pump 46hp


DENBAGH Fire Fighting Centrifugal Pump is of two-stage design for quick response fire fighting  

Features : 

  • High power, highly reliable VW-industrial engine 
  • Has the highest performance of discharge capacity 
  • Quick priming  
  • Does not affected by muddy water  
  • Single central 4 inch (104 mm) suction inlet equipped with a fixed suction filter and blank cap 
  • Equipped by a drainage valve at the lowest point of the pump 
  • Equipped by manual single dry clutch between engine and pump 
  • Pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, the choke knob lighting lamp and other control knobs and switches are located at the control panel for easy operation. 
  • Equipped with oil pressure control lamp 
  • Equipped with operation time counter                           

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  • Kubota Diesel developing 99hp at 2600 RPM, water cooled with Internal system, 4-cylinder, diesel engine
  • 12V Electric start
  • 6 gallons capacity fuel tank, sufficient for 2 hours continous operation approximately, made of plastic, with filling neck and lid


  • C.E.T two stage centrifugal pump
  • Pump body made from resistant aluminium alloy
  • Bronze Impeller
  • Mechanical shaft seal
  • Stainless steel pump shaft
  • Electric priming system, guaranteed up to 15′ (4.5 metres) lift
  • Two 2 1/2″ (65mm) delivery outlets
  • One 4″ (100mm) suction Inlet
  • Dimensions : Length: 62″ (1575mm); Width: 37″ (940mm); Height: 59″ (1500mm)
  • Weight : 1500 lbs (680kg)

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