Tohatsu VF63AS-R

Tohatsu VF63AS-R adalah automatic relay fire pump yang dilengkapi sensor tekanan air. Sensor akan aktif ketika air priming datang. Kemudian sensor menghidupkan mesin & memompa dirinya sendiri untuk mengeluarkan sejumlah air yang sama yang berasal dari pompa induk, yang berarti bahwa tidak ada seorang petugaspun yang diperlukan untuk mengoperasikan pompa relay ini.

Tohatsu VS63AS-R

Features :

Tohatsu VF63AS-R have some features that make the additional value of this portable fire pump.

Auto relay pump

Safe human and transaction
Easy, Quick & Smooth Operation
Enhancing coverage of area

Auto priming system.

Automatic Priming System.
Oil-Less Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump System.
Super Quick Priming.
Max. 9M priming height.

Operation Panel.

Clean, simple and visible design.
Hassle-free operation.

Electric fuel injection system.

ECU optimizes spark-timing and control the fuel supply where engine condition varies.
Resulting better fuel economy.

Specifications :

Engine Type : 4-stroke electric fuel injection
Number of cylinder : 3
Cooling System : Water cooled
Bore x Stroke : 61 x 60 mm
Displacement : 526 cc
Output Tohatsu VF63AS-R : 22.1 kW (30 hp)
Fuel type : Unleaded gasoline (min 87 octane)
Fuel tank : 10 L (2.64 Gal)
Fuel consumption Tohatsu VF63AS-R : 9.5L/Hr (2.51 Gal)
Starting system : Electric and manual start
Priming system of Tohatsu VF63AS-R : 4-blade rotary vane vacuum pump
Suction thread : BSP 4″ or JIS 3″
Discharge thread : BSP 2.5″
Number of discharge : 2
Discharge valve : Ball valve
Dry weight : 101 kg
Dimension of Tohatsu VF63AS-R : Length (690 mm) x Width (790 mm) x Height (740 mm)


1200 lt/min @0.6 Mpa (6 bar).
950 lt/min @0.8 Mpa (8 bar).
700 lt/min @1.0 Mpa (10 bar).