Power Unit – 240SS Super Simo

Power Unit - 240SS Super Simo

240SS SUPER SIMO On-Board Power Unit

  • Typically a simultaneous power unit draws about 60 amps at inrush – the 240SS requires only about 5 amps to start up with virtually no inrush
  • The design of the 240SS reduces the need for accessibility to the pump unit, providing versatility when determining a location for the unit in your apparatus
  • Easy and cost effective installation
  • Retrofits on existing apparatus are a practical option
  • Electric Power Unit, 240 volt single phase power
  • Provides performance virtually the same as the AMKUS Ultimate System
  • Two tools can be connected and operated simultaneously
  • Can be used with hose lengths up to 200’
  • DC fan-cooled hydraulic heat exchanger
  • Complete on-board circuit panel for: individual motor and circuit activation, LED circuit status display, LCD display for operational diagnostics, integrated low oil warning and low oil shut down
  • Optional wireless remote control with emergency shut down