Nanofex – FS0500



  • NANOFEX FS0500 is a ferosol nano fire extinguisher. The devices represent a state of the art efficient green fire extinguisher product in the world and also new technology using nano particles and no residue fire extinguisher
  • Featuring small size devices, simple operation and no need for pressurized container
  • NANOFEX FS0500 fixed fire extinguisher requires no need pipe netwok installation and maintenance
  • It consists of new extinguishing compound which is efficient in fire extinguishment, non-toxic, safe reliable, environment friendly and pollution free
  • As the ideal substitute for HALON fire extinguishers, NANOFEX FS0500 fixed fire extinguisher is mainly applied to extinguish fire in such sectors as communications, post and telecommunications, metallurgy, power and finance.


  • Electrical fires in communication rooms, computer rooms, substations/distribution rooms, generator rooms, cable pits, cable trenches, etc
  • Fires in area of production, use or storage of various class C combustible liquid such as diesel oil, heavy oil, transformer oil. lubricating oil, animal oil and vegetable oil
  • Surface solid fires in areas for production, use or storage of combustible solid materials.



  • Model: FS0500
  • Effective protective enclosure: 10 m3
  • Discharge time: ≤ 14 second
  • Thermal clearance: ≤ 75°C at the point 500 mm from the nozzle
  • Surface temperature: ≤ 75°C
  • Service Life: 6 years
  • Operating Temperature: ≤ 30°C – 70°C
  • Relative humidity: ≤ 95% (40 ± 2°)
  • Dimension: 196 x 184 x 282 mm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg