BIOFILM – Fluorosynthetic AFFF Foam Concentrate

foam-concentrate-bio-film-by-bio-exFluorosynthetic AFFF foam concentrate

  • Usable at 1%, 3% and 6%
  • Effective on hydrocarbon fires


The BIOFILM line fire-fighting foam concentrates are fluorosynthetic AFFF foam concentrates exclusively formulated using a surfactant foam base designed to put out hydrocarbon fires. The so-called AFFF film generating property (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) gives BIOFILM an excellent  extinguishing  speed  on  hydrocarbon  fires  using  direct  application. The  foam  is applied directly on the surface of the burning hydrocarbon using a fire monitor or hose in the solid jet position making it possible to fight the fire from a distance.



  • Effective in Low and Medium expansion.
  • Can be used in mobile and fixed fire fighting systems (bladder tanks, Sprinklers, fire hose stations, etc.).
  • Compatible with all equipment available on the market and with all dosage systems (contains corrosion inhibitors).
  • Applicable on hydrocarbon fires such as fuel, diesel oil, petrol, kerosene, etc.


  • European standards: EN 1568 3.
  • Marine: VERITAS.
  • Aviation: ICAO.
  • Oil Industry: LASTFIRE & GESIP.
  • International standards: UL 162.


  • Usable at 1%, 3% or 6%.
  • Concentrations  of  1%  and  3% significantly reduce storage volumes and the directly related costs, while increasing the autonomy of use of the fire-fighting foam concentrate. Use from 6% corresponds to the common concentration in most extinguisher systems.
  • Freeze protection up to -15°C available.


The raw materials selected by BIOex in the design and development of the product have a minimum impact on the environment.