Portable Fire Pump Mark-3®

Pompa Pemadam Mark-3

Lightweight High Pressure 4-Stage Fire Pump

The WATERAX MARK-3® is the core of superior water handling systems upon which specifications  and standards are built.  Pairing  a high performance 4-stage pump end and a Rotax 10 hp engine, this impressive workhorse can achieve pressures of up to 380 PSI (26.2 BAR) and flow rates reaching 98 GPM (371 L/Min). It is designed to withstand the rigors and extreme conditions of wildland firefighting and is the most trusted and time-tested pump in the industry. Appreciated for its ability to maintain high pressure over extraordinary distances and elevation,  it weighs  less  than  60  lbs  and  is  one person portable − a critical attribute out in the field.


The WATERAX quick release clamp provided on the MARK-3® pump lets you replace a damaged pump end in the field with minimal equipment downtime. The pump mating and clamp mechanism is identical to the mating on the MR-B2 and BB-4® units, which means you can quickly swap the MARK-3® pump end for a higher volume B-2 pump end as needed for supply or structure firefighting.

Applications :

  • Attack line firefighting
  • Long hose lay for remote watering during firefighting operations
  • High elevation firefighting in mountainous areas
  • Accuracy in flow trajectory when structure fire fighting
  • Tandem pumping over long distances
  • Parallel pumping for higher volumes

Features and Benefits

  • Quick release clamp and swappable pump ends for minimal equipment downtime and inventory
  • Sealed bearing to eliminate pump end greasing in the field
  • Aluminium alloy pump components and anodized parts for lighter weight and greater resistance to corrosion
  • Comprehensive user and service manuals

Performance Pump

  • 79 GPM (295 LPM) @ 100 PSI (6.9 bar)
  • 65 GPM (246 LPM) @ 150 PSI (10.3 bar)
  • 38 GPM (144 LPM) @ 250 PSI (17.2 bar)

Video :