Waterax Poly Backpack (OT-4NX)

OT-4NX BackpackThe all-new WATERAX OT-4NX is a modernized poly backpack pump that was conceived with the comfort and safety of the user in mind. The tank is made of lightweight yet rugged UV-resistant polyethylene making it easier to carry without compromising on durability. Ergonomics can be felt through the sleek contours of the tank, the integrated lumbar support, and the comfortable shoulder straps. The robust carrying handle makes for easy lifting and also serves as a port where the hand pump can be neatly docked. The large diameter filler neck allows convenient filling, cleaning access, and features a filler strainer to capture and prevent unwanted particles from entering the hand pump’s water supply.

Pompa Punggung OT-4NXComfort and ergonomics also found their way into the all-new brass hand pump design that features a forward grooved hand grip, a robust D-ring for clipping to the shoulder straps, and a rear pistol grip that makes operating the hand pump easier on the wrist and requires less effort than standard hand pumps. It is easy to maintain and is field- reparable. It features a locking mechanism to prevent drag, extension by  gravity,  and  water  loss  through  drip.  The  combination  tip  allows for  quick  change  from  spray  to  straight  stream  without  any  tools.


  • Height  22.8” (580 cm)
  • Depth  8.46” (215 cm)
  • Width 15.8” (402 cm)
  • Capacity 5.3 US gal (20 L)
  • Dry Weight 8.5 lbs (3.8 kg))
  • Wet Weight 52.6 lbs (23.9 kg)

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