Pump Primer

Pump Primer

B-7498 ELECTRIC PRIMER_1Electric Priming Pump (Part no. B-7498)

Whether installed on a skid unit or for use on stand-alone pump units, the electric primer can have a pump primed within seconds with the simple push of a button. This powerful piston pump is coupled to a short duration rated 12 volt D.C. motor and is made of corrosion-resistant materials. It is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of most forest fire fighting and skid unit applications.

Specifications :

  • Priming times : 2” x 10’ (51 mm x 3,1 m) hose with 8’ (2.4 m) lift in 4 seconds.
  • Maximum vacuum : 25’ H20(7.6 m H20) / 22” Hg (560 mm Hg).
  • Current draw : Approximately 105 amperes
  • Dimensions : 9” x 4 ” x 7½” (229 x 105 x 191 mm) and weighs 8.1 lbs (3.7 kg).


Plastic Hand Primer (Part no. B-5980P)

Lightweight hand primer designed to prime pump ends with 2” x 10’ (51 mm x 3.1 m) suction inlets and 1.5” (38 mm) discharge outlets. Robust priming piston rod made of brass and primer body made of glass-reinforced nylon polymers. The B-5980P is capable of priming 5′ (1.5 m) lift in less than 15 seconds through  2″ x 8′ (51 mm x 2.4 m) length of suction hose.

Available in NPSH and NH (B-5980P-NH) threads.

B-5980 HAND PRIMER 1.5 inch NPSH, ALUMAluminium Hand Primer (Part no. B-5980)

A quick and easy way to prime a pump with 2” x 10’ (51 mm x 3.1 m) suction hose and 8’ (2.4 m) lift in less than 20 seconds. Particularly useful and effective if pump is used to draw water from well, tank, etc. 1-½” (38 mm) female NPSH or NH (brass insert). Length: 12-½” (31.7 cm). 2-½ lbs (1.1 kg).

ITT-33799-0000 HAND PUMP_2Brass Hand Primer (Part no. ITT-33799-00)

Hand primer made of brass, plastic and neoprene used on the ULTRA-STRIKER and STRIKER II-PLUS pumps. This versatile hand pump also can be used to facilitate oil changes on the MINI-STRIKER pump and the RANCHER unit.