Wildfire Nozzle & Fireline Hardware

Wildfire Nozzle & Fireline Hardware

WATERAX offers a selection of fire hose nozzles that are an essential part of a complete pump kit. These nozzles are built to withstand the impressive flows and pressures generated by WATERAX pumps. A variety of nozzles are offered to accommodate multiple water handling applications.

COR-11024750R RANGER NOZZLE 3 per 4 inch GHT 10-24GPMFeather-Lite™ Nozzles

Provides a continuously adjustable water stream from shut-off to straight stream to full fog pattern. All nozzles can be delivered with foam bumper or will accept the Guardian™ foam adaptor and tubes (low or medium expansion). The Feather-Lite™ base, threads and body are hard anodized for increased longevity. GPM flow rates are stamped on each nozzle. Nozzles weigh 10 oz (284 g) or less.

FEATHER-LITE™ Smooth Bore Tips

The ultimate nozzles for high penetrations with low nozzle reaction force at all pressures. Small orifices are sized for traditional wildland application rates. Tips are hard anodized and marked in accordance with US Forest Service specifications.

Twin Tip Nozzles

Lightweight aluminum nozzles equipped with a three position valve to provide instant selection of straight stream, fog stream, or shut-off. The nozzles have a 1” (25 mm) female inlet and two 3/4” (19 mm) male GHT parallel outlets. Each nozzle includes a standard straight stream tip available in three bore sizes and choice of secondary tip: Fog stream available in three flow options or foam nozzle available in two flow options. Weighs 1.2 lbs (0.5 kg). Complies with US Forest Service Spec 5100-240.

Spot and Mop Nozzles

Designed for initial attack in flash fuels, structure protection, and to combat small wildland fires. These nozzles are the best mop-up tools in the business. They have enough reach to pretreat a two-story house and surrounding area in a short amount of time. Delivers 0.5% Class A foam concentrate at 10 to 14 times expansion (varies according to water and foam used). Made of high strength aircraft aluminum. Weighs 7 oz (199 g).

Multi-Aperture Nozzle (PAM-FBN)

This durable nozzle is designed to withstand the high pressure requested by forestry applications. The diamond knurl grip provides easy adjustments. Four spray sizes available: 1/8”, 3/16”, ¼”, 5/16” (3, 5, 6, 8 mm). The nozzle couples to all 1 ½” quarter-turn adapters.

A-6935 BALL CHECKVALVE, INSTANTBall Check Valve (A-6935)

Installed on the discharge side of the pump, the internal rubber ball instantaneously prevents water return when the pump stops. Very useful in uphill pumping to prevent possible damage to the pump from return pressures. This light corrosion resistant alloy valve has a brass pressure relief pin and two 1 1/2” (38 mm) 1/4-turn connections.

B-5258 Foot Valve and StrainerFootvalve and Strainer

Spring-loaded check valve, capable of holding awater head equal to 300 PSI. Designed with an ear hole for ease of tying to a floatation device in order to prevent suction of debris. Specifically made for use on the MARK-3®, BB-4®, STRIKER II-PLUS®, ULTRASTRIKER® and any other pumps using a 2” (51mm) NPSH.